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  Welcome to Lewis Cass FFA website. We are an agricultural science program located in Walton, IN. Our chapter has 166 active AET student accounts and 2 teachers.  

Our students are developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Please take a look around our site to see what's going on at Lewis Cass FFA.

The Lewis Cass FFA point system was started to reward members. The points are given to members who participate in CDE
Over the course of being involved with livestock, the farm increases the number of calves every year. After I wean the calves, they are started on grain. The calves get fed grain once per day in the afternoons or early evening. They are on pasture as well, but I feed them grain to ensure that they are getting enough energy to keep them healthy.  the farm
With the effects that Covid-19 had on many Cass County 4-H members as well as members from neighboring counties, many members of our community felt the urge to put on a swine show to give those 4-H members an opportunity to show. That urge resulted in the Shake-It-Up Swine Show. The show was at the Plank Park in Twelve Mile, Indiana. Banners were awarded to breed champions and reserves as well as top 5 barrows and gilts overall. Champion and Reserve banners were also awarded to breed champions.
Identification is also a very important part of raising and properly managing livestock. Being able to identify animals is important enough by its self, but it is also important for record keeping and breeding. If I treat a calf with certain medications I need to know what calf was given what medication. If I see a cow is coming into heat, or is in heat then it is important I know which cow it was. It also helps me to insure that none of our cows get bred back to their sire.
The Lewis Cass FFA Pedal Tractor Race is a great promoter of our agriculture program. Registration for the event brings parents and community members into the Lewis Cass FFA Pavilion where they can see what happens throughout the year in our program. The free lemon shake-up prize sends children along with their families to our Lemon Shake-up Stand and encourages them to come back and support us throughout fair week. The event gets the younger generation thinking about taking agriculture classes and becoming FFA members when they are older.
Meeting up is different for all animals. Some horses will join up a lot quicker than other horses. Joining up happens after you lunge them enough, and gain their trust. You turn your back to them when you feel like you
I feed my poultry everyday I give them two or three scoops of there regular feed and I also give them cracked corn every other day.
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